Super Sunday in EyeWire

eyewire super sunday

The players have spoken. We held a brainstorm in chat and voted to come up with an epic EyeWire weekend challenge: Super Sunday.

Tomorrow, July 7th, for the first time ever in EyeWire history, we’re offering a 10,000 point bonus to any player who scores over 20,000 points in 24 hours. Every 10,000 points beyond 20,000 is worth an extra 2,500 points. Score 10,000 points in 24h for a +3,000 point bonus. The EyeWire clock begins at midnight US EST and runs until 11:59 on Sunday night. Bring your A Game and beat your personal best.

Top scoring player gets a username shoutout on the EyeWire Facebook Page cover image for a week. We hear records will be broken.

Most accurate player of the day (>50 cubes, Starburst) will be featured on the Facebook page the following week.

Challenge Hours from 3 to 5 pm US ET!

  • Earn a +1,000 point bonus for every 2,500 points you score between 3 and 5 pm.
  • Highest score and top accuracy (players submitting >25 cubes in Starburst Challenge are eligible for accuracy) wins double point bonus during the challenge window.

A new starburst cell is up in EyeWire. It’s highly unlikely, but if we finish a cell in one day, per the request of players, everyone who submitted over 50 cubes will receive a 10,000 point bonus.  See you online at

Upcoming Events

The @A5hm0r Challenge: Friday, July 12 from 2 to 4 pm US ET

Google Hangout on Air with EyeWire HQ: Tues, July 17 at 3 pm US ET

PS shoutout to @a5hm0r, our top scoring player of all time who is now the first EyeWirer to break 2 million points!!

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