Stripes vs. Spots

Rika, Nurro, robots, competition, Eyewire, citizen science

Stripes or spots? It’s a simple question on the surface. Which patterning makes your personality pop? The decision might be harder than meets the eye, though. Choose your flamboyant fighter… if you can! This competition starts at 11 AM EDT on 6/8 and goes for 48 hours!

Your teams:


  • Stripes used to be considered bad to wear! In centuries past, they were the pattern associated with prisoners, criminality, and social outcasts. But gradually, icons like Coco Chanel and Andy Warhol popularized striped shirts, and the rest was history.
  • Do you like stripes? In the animal kingdom, you might be one for zebras, skunks, or chipmunks.
  • Fashion preferences wax and wane for whether stripes should be thick or thin, horizontal or vertical. Right now, it looks like vertical stripes of any size are “in”!


  • Spotted clothing has usually had a more positive reception! Spots are typically seen as playful and cheery, especially when they take the form of polka dots.
  • Do you like spots? In the animal kingdom, you may have an affinity for leopards, cheetahs, or jaguars.
  • You might also like Pointillist art, where little dots of paint are used one by one to create a larger image, as seen in some of the art of Vincent van Gogh or Georges Seurat.

Bonuses are detailed in your notifications. Good luck! For science!

Artwork by Megan Kelly