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Are you a curious, creative person with a passion for brains, design and games? We’d love to talk with you about shaping the future of neuroscience using crowdsourcing through the online citizen science game EyeWire.

EyeWire is a game to map the brain. It began as neuroscience AI developed at Seung Lab of Computational Neuroscience, formerly at MIT and now at Princeton. It has since spun out as a nonprofit and evolved into a thriving community of hundreds of thousands of puzzle-solving gamers.

More than a game

EyeWire, EyeWire logo, EyeWire low poly, low poly, eyewire 3DEyeWire operates at the intersection of science, design, and entertainment. Our neuron visualizations and animations have won numerous awards and have been featured in museums and public galleries. EyeWire created Scientific American’s Neurotech series. We advise the federal government, have participated in think tanks and hackathons at the White House, and even held a neuroscience infographic design competition.

This job is a unique opportunity to work closely with EyeWire’s Executive Director shape the future of crowdsourced neuroscience. We are 8 months fresh out of MIT and are currently building relationships with funders, advisors, and collaborators.

EyeWire’s Strategic Partnerships Manager position includes activity in the following areas: managing existing collaborations ,identifying potential partners, structuring fundraising documents and discussions, and interacting with the EyeWire gamer community. This position offers flexible hours at our office near South Station. EyeWire HQ is located at WeWork, which offers free tea, coffee and beer on tap.

Due to the highly visible nature of EyeWire and NDAs associated with a number of our current collaborations, we are unable to disclose all activity associated with the position in this public listing.


Email Amy at jobs at eyewire dot org with a cover letter and your resume.

neurons for science


EyeWire is a 3D puzzle game to map the brain. Anyone can play and you need no scientific background. 200,000 people from 150 countries already do. Together we are mapping the 3D structure of neurons; advancing our quest to understand ourselves.

The company has been featured in hundreds of media articles, ranging WIRED to Vogue to the New York Times. Our animations have been shown in Times Square and we developed the world’s first neuron virtual reality exhibit, which was featured as an exhibit at TED. EyeWire’s Director, Amy Robinson, was featured in the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30.

EyeWire began at MIT’s Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department and MIT Media Lab before spinning out as an independent nonprofit in Dec, 2014.

We’re also hiring developers. Check us out on Stack Overflow for more details.

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