New Year’s Grim Hour

Happy New Year, Eyewirers! Have you ever taken a good look at images of Father Time?


Notice anything familiar?

Anything… scythe-like?

The similarity between Father Time and the Grim Reaper is, of course, no mere coincidence. It should therefore be no surprise that here at EyeWire HQ we’re rather more partial to Father Time than the New Year’s Baby. And, upon Grim’s behalf, we are pleased to announce a New Year’s Grim Hour for 2015! Play for double the usual Happy Hour length, get slightly-more-than-double the usual bonuses:

Score 2,015 points – Earn 1,007 point bonus
Score 5,037 points – Earn 2,015 point bonus
Score 10,074 points – Earn 5,037 point bonus
Every 4,030 points after 10,074 – 1,007 point bonus

Again, this will be double the usual length, so enjoy yourselves and the New Year from 1-5 PM EST today!

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