New Top Score of All Time: Congrats Nseraf!

Nseraf EyeWire Top Score All Time

September 14, 2014 will live forever in EyeWire history – it’s the day Nseraf became the top scoring player of all time!

Reigning in an astounding 10.9 MILLION points, Nseraf has passed our longstanding champion, @a5hm0r, to claim his throne as the king of EyeWire.

Nserf hasn’t just beat the top points score. He’s also now the top player by cubes and a mere 2,000 cubes away from 100,000. If he reaches 100K, he will be the first player in EyeWire history to do it.

Nseraf isn’t the only player rocking out EyeWire. There are now 45 people in the Millionaire’s Club! And many more are close to making the Forbes List of EyeWires..are you?

Check out the EyeWire Record Book for more top player stats.

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