New Feature: Retroactive Points for Trailblazing!


The dreaded trailblaze has become an EyeWire bonus!

Trailblazing, or mapping a cube for the first time, is worth 50 points. Many of our top players have voiced a valid concern that trailblazing generates far fewer points than the  cube is actually worth.  After all, who wants to get 50 points on a cube that’s obviously worth hundreds? Dev ninja @echo has responded with a lightning fast feature that will make you stoked to trailblaze: now trailblazers receive retroactive points!  

How it works:

When you trailblaze, you will receive an immediate 50 points bonus.  After 2 additional players have mapped the same cube, you will be rewarded retrospective points equal to the number of points you would have received had you not been the trailblazing player. Note that you receive these points based the accurately of your mapping. 

Before implementing this feature, we ran stats in order to insure that the first trailblazing players are those of you who play best. Note that you can increase your chances of a trailblazing bonus by mapping cubes accurately.

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