New Features: Scroll in Chat and Retroactive F-Scores in Profiles

Ahh, those times when EyeWire chat is on fire and you look away for 2 minutes and come back and want to know what’s happened but you..just…can’t…scroll..up.. those times are no more because now you can scroll and hold in chat! Thank Will for that.

Double Feature

F-Scores (accuracy) recently debuted in EyeWire profiles. But there was one caveat: up until today, if you did no cubes during the past 7 days, your score was blank. Now when you click your profile you’ll see an F-score for the most recent during which you submitted cubes.

not so good f score in eyewire

Hover over the F-Score for a drop down of over coloring (incorrectly mapping outside the cell) and under coloring (missing branches). Soon your profile will show how you rank relative to all players and will allow you to chart your accuracy over time, a much requested feature.

An orange F-Score bar, like the one above (from someone at EyeWire HQ who had a bad week..ok it might be mine) means that you need to improve. In EyeWire, you want your F-Score to be as high as possible. An 80% F-Score is the minimum accuracy required to say that you are accurate. Here are some tricks that will help you play better and amp up your game!


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