New All-Time Top Daily Score

New EyeWire record!

Congrats to @crazyman4865 who just demolished EyeWire’s previous top daily score record by over 20,000 points! He scored an astounding 70,507 points in one day. It’s so astonishing that we’ve given crazyman his own color in chat. Watch out for red, he’s a record holder.

Today was a day of record-breaking. Even the #2 score is high, at 33,333 points.

Players submitted 13,111 cubes in the past 24 hours, bringing our monthly total to 178,314 cubes.

The new J Cell has grown from 1 to 526 validated cubes and we welcomed over 200 new players on EyeWire.

Welcome to everyone new and thank you to all our splendid players! See you online at

J7 day 2 eyewire

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