Monthly EyeWire Stats: April 2014

Whoa Neurons, Joe Hanson, US Science and Engineering Expo, neurons, 3DApril was a big month for EyeWire! We did a demo for 350K people in Washington, DC at the US Science and Engineering Expo, met up with EyeWirer @aesanta1, presented EyeWire at the White House and delivered a keynote at the World Life Sciences Forum in Egypt. We debuted EyeWire posters, laptop backgrounds and mobile lock screen images. Oh and @twister6284 joined EyeWire HQ at MIT and changed his username to @twister2.  Even though it technically happened in May, it’s worth noting that  our first scientific discovery was published in Nature.

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EyeWire players have also been busy!

Together we completed 9 neurons, did 134,792 cubes and scored 2,802,251 points3,850 new players joined EyeWire from 63 countries.

Nseraf came in first place for the month in both points and cubes. He scored 1,399,321 points (and has since beaten crazyman4865’s non-bonus all time top daily score) and completed 10,811 cubes. @twister2 scored second place with 739,102 points and 5,735 cubes.

Thanks for playing and as always we’ll see you online at

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