Let’s CELLebrate!

We completed our first neuron!

It’s been a big week for EyeWire. We officially launched Monday. On Tuesday we experienced a terminator-style meltdown induced by IFLS and Redditors (over 50,000 pageviews came our way in one day and at one point over 1,000 people were simultaneously trying to register). We spent Wednesday and Thursday recovering (and quadrupling the EyeWire servers and welcoming over 9,000 new EyeWirers). Finally, today, we’ve completed a J Cell!

Let’s CELLebrate a successful EyeWire Launch and the completion of the FIRST community mapped neuron! Party with us on Sat, Dec 15th at 9 pm US EST during a Google+ Hangout. Sebastian is so excited that he went Gangnam style… 

During the hangout, we will make a big announcement about a new competition launching in EyeWire next week. Sebastian will also take questions so be sure to send yours in early by posting in the forum or on our FB page. It may get crazy..you definitely don’t want to miss this event!

Now that we’ve mapped a J Cell, what’s next?

Neural networks! In order to understand how form leads to function in neurons, we need to see how neurons are connected to each other. In EyeWire’s case, we’re trying to understand how two different types of neurons link up and contribute to visual perception. Specifically, in the coming weeks, we will map JAM-B Ganglion Cells and Starburst Amacrine Cells. Together, these cells form a circuit that scientists think may be responsible for a type of motion perception. It would take years for researchers to map all these cells (that’s why it hasn’t been done).
We at Seung Lab are excited to be a part of the EyeWire community and take science into bold new territory. Thank you for leading the charge.

We edited Sebastian’s longer EyeWire intro into a short video that will help you introduce EyeWire to friends:

From the Community:

Big thanks to EyeWirer Dylan Christopher Holtz who created the video tutorial below that will help you dive into EyeWire.

Finally, check out a GIF of the neuron traced by EyeWirers since J Day! We’re working on a full animation — stay tuned for news!

EyeWirers Map a Neuron

Evolution of a J Neuron- EyeWire

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