Land vs Sea

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Are you ready for an ocean adventure, or are you more at home on solid ground? Both the sea and the shore have their advantages, so let’s explore both a bit to find out which one is truly the best!

You can stake your claim to the land or the sea on Monday, August 10th at 11 AM ET. The competition runs for 48 hours so take your stand and lead your team to victory!


  • Grows your food
  • Great for adventures – hiking, rock climbing, running, biking – all require land!
  • Nice place to take a nap
  • Probably where most of your friends live


  • Good place too cool off when it’s hot
  • Home to some pretty cool fish
  • Makes a nice mineral that’s good for seasoning your snacks
  • Definitely floats your boat

There can only be one, so join in the fun and may the best team win!