Join us for the November Marathon!

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It’s on! Whether it’s your very first or you’ve been doing them each month for years, a marathon is always a very special time. Start warming up to play the wonderful little cell(s) we’ve prepped just for you!

Starting at 8 PM EST on 11/14 you’ll have 24 hours to grow and complete 1-2 cells! Bonus points and cell renaming guidelines are detailed in your competition notification on

If the first cell finishes before the 24-hour mark, a second marathon cell will be launched to see if it can finish by that mark as well. Should the second cell indeed finish on time, it will earn the second-place name vote.

Special Guidelines for Scythes

Bonus: Normal SC bonuses are doubled!

Naming: Admins will be counting every 3 SC votes as 1 cube added to your cube count for naming eligibility. So, for instance, you can trace 100 cubes, SC 300 cubes, and still earn nominating rights, or achieve the same result by tracing 150 cubes and SCing 150.

Artwork by Minjeong Kim