Introducing Explore Mode

EyeWire has a new tool: Explore Mode!

You guys have been requesting this feature for months, and Echo has delivered!

What is Explore Mode?

It’s an advanced feature that will help you figure out extremely tricky cubes. This mode will allow you to work with two colors at the same time.

To start Exploring press Control+e. Once in Explore any piece you click on will show up in a vibrant shade of neon green.  If you’ve decided to be a unique special snowflake and like to fiddle with the color settings it will be a different color for you.  The main purpose of Explore is to give you DIFFERENT color from the pieces you select in the normal mode.

Explore mode is handy when you aren’t quite sure which direction a branch is going, or if you’re dealing with fuzzy borders. Any pieces you select when in Explore can be easily eliminated by clicking Control+d. Be careful! Clicking Control+d will eliminate everything you selected while Exploring, not just the last piece selected. You can still use Control+right-click to eliminate a single piece, just like in the regular mode.

If you decide the branches you select in explore look correct, you can press Control+m to commit. This turns your selections the light blue color you find when in the normal mode. If you want to exit Explore Mode Control+e will take you back out again.  An important thing to remember is  that if you hit “I’m finished” at any point, it will commit everything currently selected, including the green pieces.

We hope that Explore mode makes Eyewiring a brighter, more psychadelic, and hopefully more user-friendly. Now put on your pioneer hats and start Exploring!

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