Introducing Happy Hour 180º!

Welcome to Happy Hour 180º, the Happy Hour to celebrate the other side of the world and Eyewire’s great global community!

Happy Hour 180º runs from 8-10 AM ET every Thursday. Happy Hour 180º will offer another opportunity to earn Happy Hour bonuses, especially for players in the Eastern hemisphere who may not be awake during our regular Happy Hour times.

Please note that you may need to adjust your times due to Daylight Savings Time in the US. For example:
HH 180 will occur at 9-11pm KST during Eastern Standard Time (EST).
HH 180 will occur at 10pm-12am KST during Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Happy Hour 180º will feature fun community conversation in the Korean chat channel led by EyeWire admin pilnpat for the first hour of play.

And of course if you participate in Happy Hour 180 you will receive all the regular Happy Hour bonuses:

  • Score over 1000 points and win a bonus of 500 points
  • Score over 2500 points and win a bonus of 1000 points
  • Score over 5000 points and win a bonus of 2500 points
  • For everyone 2000 points you score over 5000, you will win an additional 500
  • Highest scoring player receives an additional bonus of 50% of their base score

Let’s get happy for Happy Hour 180!

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