Hardware Wars: Mouse vs. Trackpad

Eyewire, citizen science, Rika, Flyx, mouse, trackpad, Megan Kelly, competition

Now here’s a battle for the ages. Eyewire is built around tracing neuron segments in your 2D view, but not everyone traces with the exact same tool. Some of us have computer mice, and others have trackpads. Which one is more ergonomic for you? Pick the team that suits your style for this month’s VS. The competition starts at 11 AM EST on 2/10 and goes for 48 hours!

Your teams:


  • This device emerged from early trackballs, where instead of moving the ball with your fingers, you move the ball across a surface, using the ball’s own container.
  • Since its invention, the mouse has often been modified to work off of laser technology instead, and it can work wirelessly too.
  • Some folks prefer to use mice because of design features like buttons and scroll wheels.


  • This device is newer and mostly spread due to the proliferation of laptops. Alternate terms have included “touchpad” or the verbose “touch sensitive input device.”
  • In some ways, trackpads’ basic designs haven’t changed very much, but it’s increasingly common to not have separate buttons; the trackpad itself is a giant button that you can press.
  • Some folks prefer to use trackpads because of programmed functions like pinch-zoom and swipe scrolling.

Remember that we have a new VS scoring system, with bonuses detailed in your notifications!

Artwork by Megan Kelly