Happy Birthday Happy Hour – nkem!

Happy Friday! As usual, we’ve got Happy Hour going today, but it just so happens to be the birthday of HQ’s visiting research assistant (and beloved EyeWirer) Nico, otherwise known as nkem. In recognition of his great work, including the creation of everyone’s favorite bot nkem_test, we’re doing a special bonus system based on his favorite number: 73.

Mathy bonuses for today only

Earn 1,460 points – 730 point bonus
Earn 2,920 points – 1,460 point bonus
Earn 7,300 points – 5,840 point bonus
Every 4,015 points after 5,000 points – 2,190 point bonus
Top player receives a 73% multiplier instead of 50%!

Since the thresholds are all a bit higher, this Happy Hour will go from 2-5 PM Eastern today, giving you an extra hour.

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