Hallow-Xmas: Semifinals

hallow-xmas, christmas, halloween, competition

It’s getting quite chilly, there’s a frost coming in
A new holiday season is about to begin!
The cocoa is warming, a chocolate delight
The tree branches are bare, so let’s string up some lights!

You’ll find there’s snow fun to be had, we do hope,
Try skating or sledding, or head for the slopes!
Might you like a hot tea, a warm blanket, a fire?
Then get cozied up and come play some Eyewire!

Quarterfinals Results


Begin at 11:00 AM on Monday 11/30
End at 11:00 AM on Sunday 12/6
Awarded at 1:30 PM on Monday 12/7

After the Quarterfinals end, we take a short break for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, and after that we come back with 4 teams playing simultaneously over the course of 7 calendar days. If your team did not make the Semifinals, you can join a new team; if your team did advance, you stay on the same team. You can join at any time before the last 24 hours of the Semifinals, but remember that your points will only count starting from the time that you join. You must also play at least 50 cubes to earn bonus points. The bottom 2 teams will be eliminated after this round.

Bonuses (50 cube minimum required):

  • The Starting Lineup will consist of the 8 best players on each team.
  • The Starting Lineup on each team will earn a bonus equal to 150% of their base score.
  • All other players on each team will earn a bonus equal to 50% of their base score.
  • The MVP on each team will earn an additional 40,000 points.