Hallow-Xmas 2: The Final Championship Round!

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When the solstice draws close, Hallow-Xmas then ends,
And we hope you’ve enjoyed tracing hard with your friends.
But one round remains to determine the winner,
So join us again for a grand festive dinner!

Since the days when we started with pumpkins and spiders
We’ve now poured our eggnog and mulled apple cider;
With gingerbread cookies and peppermints too,
We send season’s greetings from Eyewire HQ!

… And don’t you forget: at the end of this story,
Our overlord Grim waits to crown you with glory!

Semifinals Results

Final Championship Info

Begin at 11:00 AM on Friday 12/10
End at 11:00 AM on Thursday 12/16
Awarded at 4:00 PM on Friday 12/17
(All times EST.)

Now that the Semifinals have ended, the bracket will conclude with 2 teams facing off over the course of 7 calendar days. If your team did not make the Final, you can join a new team; if your team did advance, you stay on the same team. You can join at any time before the last 24 hours of the Final, but remember that your points will only count starting from the time that you join. The top team officially wins the Hallow-Xmas event!

Bonuses (50 cube minimum required):

  • The Starting Lineup will consist of the 8 best players on each team.
  • The Starting Lineup on each team will earn a bonus equal to 200% of their base score.
  • All other players on each team will earn a bonus equal to 50% of their base score.
  • All members of the winning team who played at least 100 cubes will earn 100,000 points!!!
  • The MVP on each team will earn an additional 50,000 points.

Swag: A special personalized prize will be awarded to everyone on the winning team, as well as for the MVP of the other team! (Thank you again to our departed @susi for her swag sponsorship!)

Artwork by Amy Sterling