Hallow-Xmas 2: Round of 16

The red leaves have fallen, and winter feels near,
With temperatures dropping and drizzles so drear.
But harvest continues — it isn’t quite done! —
And here comes a pastime to keep this month fun.

Our captains are chosen, the bracket rounds start,
So fight for the team that lies dear to your heart!
The true competition is now underway
In the Round of 16, and we hope you’ll come play.

Qualifier Results

Here are our top 16 players from the Qualifiers! The full list of scores (it’s long) should be available in your notifications or you’ll be able to see it again after the complete competition results are released in December.

Round of 16 Info

Begin at 11:00 AM EDT on Wednesday 11/3
End at 11:00 AM EST on Friday 11/12 *HQ clocks roll back to Standard Time mid-round!*
Awarded at 1:30 PM EST on Monday 11/15

Now that the Qualifiers have ended, there will be 16 teams playing simultaneously over the course of 10 calendar days. If you are not a Team Captain, you will choose one of these teams to play on. You can join at any time before the last 24 hours of the Round of 16, but remember that your points will only count starting from the time that you join. The bottom 8 teams will be eliminated after this round.

Bonuses (50 cube minimum required):

  • The Starting Lineup will consist of the 2 best players on each team.
  • The Starting Lineup on each team will earn a bonus equal to 100% of their base score.
  • All other players on each team will earn a bonus equal to 50% of their base score.
  • The MVP on each team will earn an additional 20,000 points.

Artwork by Amy Sterling