Hallow-Xmas 2: Qualifiers

The full moon is waning, and darkness descends:
What’s better to do than dress up with your friends?
To start Hallow-Xmas, we all trick-or-treat
And haul in a bounty of bonuses sweet.

It might be a time of increased superstition,
But for all of the frights, there’s no competition.
For now, you’ll just trace in pursuit of the dream
To choose icons and names for your very own team!

Qualifiers Info

Begin at 11:00 AM on Monday 10/25
End at 11:00 AM on Friday 10/29
Awarded at 1:30 PM on Monday 11/1
(All times EDT.)

During this period of 5 calendar days, there are no teams, you just play for yourself! Check the leaderboard to see your current standing. At the end of the Qualifiers, the top 16 players will become Team Captains. Each Team Captain will then choose a name for their new team.

*Because there is a limited amount of time between when the Qualifiers end and the next round begins, we will ask all players to choose a team name before the Qualifiers are over. A notification will be sent out during the Qualifiers with a link to a form to submit your name. Your team name will be used if you end up being one of the top 16. If you do not choose a team name, HQ will assign one to your team.

Bonuses (50 cube minimum required):

  • The top 16 players earn a bonus equal to 75% of their base score + 20,000 points.
  • All other players earn a bonus equal to 50% of their score.

Artwork by Amy Sterling