Grim’s Trick or Treat: Accurate Apple Hours

citizen science, Eyewire, Flyx, bobbing for apples, Halloween, Grim's Trick or Treat

Dusk is settling in, and so begins your first house visit for trick or treating! It appears the first home on the corner of Eyewire Way is the residence of gamemaster Celia (@celiad). Well lit and festively adorned, the building seems inviting enough, so you proceed up to the door and ring the bell.

No sooner heard than answered— in fact, not only does Celia swing the door open wide, she also beckons you indoors from the autumn chill. But where’s the candy?

“Candy comes with accuracy!” assures Celia, and perhaps this should be no surprise. As one of the foremost reviewers of Mystic zebrafish cells, she has some high accuracy standards, and here in her living room you now see the format for her test. It’s a big barrel full of water with a bushel of apples floating in it. Have you ever bobbed for apples? You have to grab them out of the water… using just your teeth!

See how many apples you can snatch up without getting your face too wet! Celia is giving you have two chances to bob. All times are EDT:

Session 1 – 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on 10/18
Session 2 – 10:00 PM to midnight on 10/18

Swag (generously sponsored by @susi): Most accurate player completing at least 20 cubes wins 1 t-shirt and their choice of a sticker or magnet! Second and third place may each also choose between sticker or magnet.

HQ will bestow typical Happy Hour bonuses for your work during each of those time frames, but there’s more than that to earn! Check your in-game notifications to see the full accuracy bonus breakdown.

Mentors: You are still allowed to mentor people during these time windows. Please just use your best judgment as to whether someone is asking you for basic newbie help vs. trying to have you boost their accuracy on cube after cube.

Scythes: Please avoid scything during these time windows. Even though accuracy for this will be retroactively calculated, we would prefer to go with accuracy based on players’ raw tracing. By the time this challenge is scored, don’t worry, admins will have corrected consensus as needed.

Artwork by Daniela Gamba