Grim-mas Cup Trivia!

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Get ready for some Grim-mas Cup Trivia!

Trivia runs from Sunday, December 15th at 2 PM ET to Tuesday, December 17th at 2 PM ET and will conclude with a power hour at 2 PM ET on December 17th.

Trivia will be holiday, winter sport, and science themed this time around, so get to studying!

Trivia How-To: Submit your answers by typing them into the chat box. Optional: you may submit answers privately by messaging @inquizitor if you do not want other players to see your responses. To do this, type /pm inquizitor before your message.

Bonuses for each question

1st to answer – 300 points
2nd to answer – 200 points
3rd to answer – 100 points

Art by Daniela Gamba