Grim-mas Cup Qualifiers

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The 12 Days of Grim-mas Cup kicks off on Monday with a 2 day Qualifier round.

During the Qualifiers it’s every Eyewirer for themself! The top 9 players during the Qualifiers will become Team Captains for the 9 teams moving on to the Playoffs.

The Team Captains will also choose team names for their new teams. We ask that you choose a name for your team DURING the Qualifiers as there will not be enough time between rounds to wait for players to choose teams. You can pick a team name whether you think you will become a Team Captain or not, you never know what can happen!

If you become a Team Captain but do not pick a team name in time, HQ will choose one for you. We highly suggest you pick your own though, as any names picked by Captains will be eligible for the Best Team Name badge at the end of the competition.

Each Team Captain will also pick an Eyewire Hero icon for their team which will be used throughout the competition. The image in this blog post is an example of an icon that will be available for selection. We’ll award icon selection in leaderboard order, with the #1 player getting 1st choice and #9 getting 9th choice.

Please check your notifications during the Qualifiers for all information regarding this leg of the competition, including current competition leaderboard, and team name and icon selection.

The Qualifiers will run from Monday, December 9th @11 AM ET to Wednesday, December 11th @11 AM ET.

During the Qualifiers:

  • The top 9 players earn a bonus of 75% of their score + 5000 points
  • All other players earn a bonus of 50% of their score

Merry tracing!

Full competition overview available here.

Artwork by Daniela Gamba