Gloves vs. Mittens

gloves, mittens, Eyewire, citizen science, cactus

HQ is in the heart of winter, and it’s a bit tough to stay warm! And one of the most important things to keep warm is your hands. But an age old choice must be made between one hand warmer and another: gloves or mittens?

Each have their pros and cons, so pick the option that suits you best, and let’s have a wintry throwdown on Eyewire to kick off 2021. This competition starts at 11 AM EST on 1/11 and goes for 48 hours!

Your teams:


  • Easier for moving your fingers and still accomplishing various tasks.
  • Not the very best at trapping maximum heat, even with good lining.
  • Nowadays, some of them come with touchscreen compatibility! Convenient.


  • Because all your fingers share the same space, they also share their heat! Cozy.
  • Not very helpful if you’re trying to perform fine motor activities.
  • These come with the comedy bonus of flapping them around like seal flippers.

Bonuses are detailed in your notifications. Good luck! For science!

Artwork by Amy Sterling