Frankenstein vs. Dracula: Fight of the Living Dead

As the autumn days grow short, and the nights long, the shadows seem to stretch and deepen. There has been word that a strange ship has arrived at port. A vessel unmanned, but not bereft of cargo. Among the contents confiscated by the authorities, there stands a large and seemingly ancient wooden box. When questioned, Constable Schreck had this to say on the matter: “Our investigation has yet to turn up any clue as to why or by whom the vessel has been abandoned. What we do know is that the ship’s point of origin is the port of Constanta, Romania. The public will be informed as our investigation continues to shed light on this strange event.”

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Rumor has it that a number of officers working on the case have taken leave of their positions to “fulfill a greater purpose”. What ever that means!

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In other news, the old Beaufort estate once again sees life within its long-abandoned halls. As many of you know, the estate has been uninhabited since old Madam Beaufort passed away some years ago. The new occupant is said to be a well renowned scientist and MD, and a distant cousin of the Beaufort family. Little is yet known about this new dashing doctor other than that his name is Edgar Frankenstein (It’s pronounced Frankensteen!) and that he has wasted no time in renovating the grounds, excavating the old graveyard that is said to house the remains of 12 generations of the Beaufort family . He may not have respect for his ancestry, but he sure is dedicated. Locals say he has been spotted performing some of the work himself, and after dark no less!

Choose a team, choose a team! What will it be? Will you side with the mysterious force that has invaded our shores and the minds of the unsuspecting, or with the maniacal musings of a mad scientist? Make your unholy allegiances known by clicking on the challenge button that appears in the top of your Eyewire page and selecting a team!

Sign ups start Monday at 2 pm EDT.  The competition begins Tuesday, October 28th at 2 PM EDT.

Who will you be, Dracula or Frankenstein?

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