Fort Scythe: Reapgrow Your Own Cell!

You’ve been waiting for this for a long time and it’s finally here!  A section of cells Scythes only.  Reapgrow to your heart’s content.  Complete cells without Admin intervention.

How to play

  • Choose a Fort Scythe cell in the cells list
  • Fort Scythe cells should be reapgrown only, not played as regular cells
  • Fort Scythe cells will need to be marked complete before they can be declared officially complete
  • Fort Scythe cells will be available only to Scouts and Scythes.  Scouts may flag cubes but should not play the cells
  • Ping the admins for a final check when you believe the cell is entirely complete
  • The heat map will be slightly different for Fort Scythe cells. Your purple SC color will cover your Scythe blue for a change, not the other way around. This way, you can tell what’s just been reapgrown vs. what’s been both reapgrown and verified.

The Scythe’s paradise awaits you.  Hurry up and reapgrow the neuron garden of your dreams!

PS wondering what a reapgrow is? Check this facebook post for an explanation.

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