Fort Scythe Cells now under Scythe control!

Eyewire, scythe, Eyewire scythe, fort scythe, citizen science, eyewire characters, heroes of neuroscienceHello Scythes!

First off, we want to say many thanks for all your hard work on our Fort Scythe cells!  Our cell count has increased drastically since we’ve introduced them.  Now we are planning to give you guys almost complete autonomy over these cells!

Going forward, Fort Scythes will be completed nearly independently by Scythes.  Admins will still give a quick glance over each cell to make sure there is nothing egregiously wrong, but we will not be doing the more careful checking we’ve done in the past.

The reasons for this are two-fold:

  1.  We trust you guys to do a great job!  Although we do sometimes find mistakes in Fort Scythe cells, they are few and far between.  It does not make sense for Admins to spend a great deal of time combing over a cell only to find a few missing nubs here and there.
  2. Admins are busy behind the scenes preparing a new data set.  This means we do not have the same bandwidth to devote to cell checks.  Eventually we plan to release this data set to be played by our Scythes, so stay tuned!  The most accurate Scythe-completing players will grab first dibs on these cells upon release to the community.  For now though, admins will be spending time familiarizing ourselves with this data set and getting it prepared.

What does this mean for Scythes?

  1. With great power comes great responsibility.  We know you already do a great job on Fort Scythe cells, but moving forward you should be even more vigilant about making sure all branches of a cell are complete.  If you’re not sure of an extension, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your fellow Scythes!  Admins will also be available for assistance if other Scythes are not.
  2. When you are finished with a Fort Scythe cell, please alert an Admin.  Since we will not be watching or checking these cells as vigilantly, we may need to be notified once they are done.  Please also notify us if you notice that available cubes are getting low in regular play.  You can just @us in chat (@sorek.m, @devonjones, @celiad, @twister2).  If we are not online or don’t respond feel free to email us at

Thanks to our awesome community for keeping Eyewire going strong!  For Science!

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