Flowers vs Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Mashup

flowers, chocolate, valentine's day

It’s almost time for that day with all the mushy love stuff. But how will you pick out the perfect gift for that special someone? Which gift would you love to receive? Watch as flowers and chocolate battle it out, and find out who will be crowned the ultimate Valentine’s Day champion!


Beautiful colorsAllergies
Nature!Potential bee party location
Smells like loveWill eventually wilt



Sugar high!Sugar crash 🙁
Tastes like heavenLikes to melt on hands and clothes
Fan favoriteNutritionally questionable


So which will it be? A feast for your stomach, or a feast for the eyes? Pick your team, and may the best Valentine’s Day gift win!

The competition begins Thursday, 2/7 at 11 am ET and runs for 24 hours.  We’ll see you there!