Featured EyeWirer: Karen Lynn Robinson

A behind the scenes look at the EyeWire community.

Meet the EyeWirers who are mapping the retinal connectome. This week’s Featured EyeWirer is Karen Lynn Robinson.

blissdish, EyeWireKarenLynn Robinson aka @blissdish on EyeWire, hails from Bend, Oregon, USA where she works as a technical support advisor.

Why do you play EyeWire?

I play for three main reasons:

  • the selection process is a satisfying artistic expression… I appreciate that the human eye’s discrimination is superior to computers… (and my art-degree-trained eye perhaps more so)
  • the opportunity to help advance science
  • the NeurOlympics stats satisfy my competitive streak

How did you discover EyeWire?

Discover Magazine

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I’m one of those left-brain/right-brain folks who’s comfortable with both technology and art. Initially one of two female engineering students at the University of Akron (in 1980), I was introduced to computers as an artists’ tool in 1986 and eventually shifted to an art major, with constant emphasis on computers. I eventually got employment creating speaker presentations on computers (before Macs or PCs had Persuasion/PowerPoint/Keynote) which further cemented the relationship between computers and graphic art. A few years later, I became an independent graphic artist… also offering photo correction/reconstruction. Birthing two children in 18 months took the wind out of my entrepreneurial sails, and I’ve had several jobs since. To continue to satisfy my artistic bent I make and sell BlissPillows (blisspillow.com) with organic millet hull filling and beautiful slipcovers… and suddenly a metaphysical picture book!

Anything else you’d like to share?

I am SO grateful to be a part of the important work/play that is EyeWire… looking forward to further meets.

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