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A behind the scenes look at the EyeWire community.

Meet the EyeWirers who are mapping the brain. Today’s featured EyeWirer is @jinbean.

So, tell the world a little about yourself.

Hi all! My name is Jin and I am finally a physician! I graduated from residency last year and became a “real grown-up” after eons of schooling and training.

Why do you play EyeWire?

I love jigsaw puzzles and I have been building them since I was little (and was much better at it once I learned to NOT eat the pieces); I actually have a 3000-piece replica of the Sistine Chapel on my wall. With school out of the way, I wanted to get back to puzzles. EyeWire supplies me with a plethora of jigsaw puzzles on steroids! What is even better, I learn more about neuroscience, help with research, and put my OCD traits to good use. I hope to see cures for diseases with the information EyeWire finds.

How did you discover EyeWire?

I have to thank NPR for introducing me to EyeWire.

Share a few facts that helps the world get to know you.

  • I grew up in the NYC and now live in Texas with my awesome husband and our 3 rescued dog-kids.
  • I love sleep and never realized how much I missed it.
  • I enjoy sci-fi shows.
  • I drink way too much coffee.
  • I really don’t like doing the laundry and ironing.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I play EyeWire with frozen boo boo packs under my laptop.

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