Eyewire’s 5th Birthday Happy Hour + Trivia Power Hour!

Today marks the day that Eyewire has officially been online for 5 years!  Wow!  We’ve accomplished a lot in that time, and you can read about those accomplishments here.

eyewire, birthday, 5th, nurro, cake, celebrate

Now help us celebrate a great year with two special events.  We’re kicking things off with a Power Hour of Eyewire themed trivia at 11 am, and will continue the festivities with a Happy Hour, from 2-4 PM ET on December 10th.

Special Bonuses:

-Trivia – 

For every question —

  • 1st to answer – 300 points
  • 2nd to answer – 200 points
  • 3rd to answer – 100 points

-Birthday Happy Hour –

  • Score over 555 points and win a bonus of 500 points
  • Score over 2555 points and win a bonus of 1000 points
  • Score over 5555 points and win a bonus of 2500 points
  • For everyone 2000 points you score over 5000, you will win an additional 500
  • The top player during Happy Hour will also receive a bonus of 50% of their base score

Thanks for all the great Eyewire memories.  To many more to come!

For Fun, For Science!