EyeWire Weekly Update x2

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Double bonus! Two weeks of stats!

March 17-23 

EyeWirer @Nsearaf dominated this leaderboard in both points and cubes, scoring a whopping 237,408 and completing 2,082 branch pieces.

During this week, EyeWire’s community completed 29,545 cubes and together won 2,666,022 points. We welcomed 568 players from 44 different countries.

EyeWire debuted our virtual reality exhibit at TED 2014. Learn more on the TED Blog or read the origin story from Microsoft Research. Check out a gallery of the VR exhibit on Google+.

March 24-30 Stats

@twister6284 rocked the leaders this week, scoring 269,724 points and zapping though 2,145 cubes.

As a whole, EyeWire completed 28,676 cubes and 2,780,155 cubes. 625 players from 35 countries joined the movement.

Below, enjoy Amazon’s Jeff Bezos in Oculus 🙂

Jeff Bezos brighter in Oculus




See you online at EyeWire.org!

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