EyeWire at TEDxAmsterdam on Nov 6

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TEDxAmsterdam will feature EyeWire on stage Nov 6th – and you can watch it live.

You may not know that EyeWire’s Creative Director is among the world’s first TEDx organizers. It’s actually because of TED that I’m at EyeWire at all, as I first met Sebastian Seung at TEDGlobal 2010 when he gave the legendary “I am my connectome” TEDTalk. For many years I have looked up to TEDxAmsterdam, an event that has helped the global TEDx community to grow to over 10,000 events in 150+ countries. I am humbled and honored to announce that the organizers have asked me to speak at this year’s event, themed “connected consequences.” I will share more than EyeWire. My greatest passions are understanding the brain and bringing people together to create things. Whether crowdsourcing music, water quality monitoring or health programs (health was my job before joining EyeWire), I find joy in connecting people and making things happen. I hope this shines through in my talk, which I think has been in the works for many years now. My idea worth spreading is not just an idea; it’s more of a perspective. I’m a complete and utter optimist — I think the future will be more amazing than anyone can imagine, and this amps me up, like, all the time. So without giving away anything further, I’ll encourage you to check out the livestream on Nov 6th at TEDxAmsterdam.com. We’re in in the first session.

Watch the video here.

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