Eyewire Release Report 8/3/2018

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Happy Friday! To give you a comprehensive picture of everything new on Eyewire, here are all changes since the last report a few weeks ago.

  • If you’ve already seen what a notification has to say and you don’t want it hanging around in your notifications list anymore, you can now delete it! Click the “x” to delete it. (If you click the new “✓,” this will mark the notification as read, without deleting.)
  • There was a bug causing the main tutorial to not let people move on from a given cube without escaping to overview and restarting; this should now be fixed.
  • Some notifications were erroneously stuck displaying from “0 months ago.” Those should be fixed.
  • The spawner backlog panel (visible to Mystics) was only displaying 1 cube per backlogged cell, even when there were more; now it should display the correct number of cubes.
  • The Settings menu had some scrolling issues that should now be fixed.
  • Joining a team in a VS competition had stopped showing up as an action in chat; now that text appears again.
  • Scouts are no longer erroneously assigned Fort cells when they log in or run out of cubes. Likewise, the “Start Playing” button should now be hidden on Fort and zebrafish cells to prevent inadvertent “normal” tracing instead of reapgrowing. Other improvements to Fort gameplay are in development!

Please note that you will have the smoothest Eyewire experience if you use the most recent 64-bit version of Firefox or Chrome, a recent operating system like macOS High Sierra/Windows 10/Ubuntu 16, and a machine with at least 8 GB of RAM.

We’ll catch you again soon. For science!