Eyewire Release Report 11/16/2018

Happy Friday! To give you a comprehensive picture of everything new on Eyewire, here are all changes since the last report a few weeks ago.

  • Scythes: there is now a new tab for you in your completed cell notifications. Click “Cubes” on the top left (next to “Stats”), and you can view more detailed information about your reaped cubes, reaping accuracy, and any nuked SCs.
  • We’ve fixed a bug where running out of cubes on one cell would cause the “Start Playing” button to stop working in general until a refresh.
  • The Scouts’ Log code is now shared between HQ and its original creator @eldendaf! This is a big deal because it will allow us to release new features and improvements for the log as well as fix its bugs ourselves. @eldendaf is still able to work on the code, and he still has our eternal gratitude for developing this vital component of Eyewire’s advanced play UI.

Please note that you will have the smoothest Eyewire experience if you use the most recent 64-bit version of Firefox or Chrome, a recent operating system like macOS Mojave/Windows 10/Ubuntu 16, and a machine with at least 8 GB of RAM.

We’ll catch you again soon. For science!