Eyewire Player Atani Invited to Speak at NIH Citizen Science Symposium

Two years ago, Eyewire Executive Director Amy Robinson Sterling gave a presentation at a US Senate briefing on crowdsourcing science. This helped pass legislation that encourages Federal Agencies to use citizen science.

On July 14 in Bethesda, MD, the NIH (National Institutes of Health) held an inaugural Citizen Science Symposium that was opened by a joint presentation from Eyewire player @Atani and Sterling. You probably know Atani from chat. In case you’re curious to learn more about this zookeeper turned brain mapper, check out this featured Eyewirer post.

The NIH says “the purpose of this workshop is to inform and engage NIH employees and contractors in discussions on how citizen science and crowdsourcing can enrich and further research as a complementary method, and to energize the local citizen science community.”

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