Monthly EyeWire Stats: June 2013

j cells mapped in eyewire screenshot

Introducing the first EyeWire Monthly Stat Report!

Congrats to our top player, @Jinbean, who scored 402,810 points and submitted 4,538 validations during the month of June. Amazing! @Buco, our top daily high scoring player of all time, comes in second with 376,036 points and 4,150 validations. Third for points and cubes goes to @iriduim and @a5hm0r with 356,655 pts and 3,884 cubes, respectively.

This month players submitted 95,040 cubes and scored an amazing 8,126,199 points. Our top three highest scoring players racked up a full 7% of the total points earned during the month of June. We welcomed 1,973 new players from 33 different countries to the EyeWire community. This brings our grand total number of players to over 70,000 people! Awesome!

New colors in chat!

Starting today, the top monthly EyeWirer will appear royal blue in chat. Top weekly player will appear sea green.

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