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Hundreds of articles have been written about EyeWire since it launched in Dec 2012. Find a list of prominent publications below:

Forbes | 70,000+ Have Played ‘EyeWire’ Game that Trains Computers to Map the Brain 8.29.2013 WIRED | A Videogame that Recruits Gamers to Map the Brain 8.2.13 Nature | A Game to Map the Brain 3.14.13 WIRED | SharpBrains Data and Brain Games 3.12.13 NPR | Wanna Play?  Computer Gamers Push Frontiers of Brain Research 3.6.13 YouTube’s SourceFed | Video Game Helps Science 3.6.13 PLoS | Top 10 Citizen Science Projects of 2012 12.31.12 Business Insider | EyeWire’s Sebastian Seung Named Among World’s 50 Sexiest Scientists 2.25.13 Scientific American | EyeWire 12.12.13 Nature | Neural Connectomics Game Revealed 12.11.13 It’s Okay To Be Smart | You Play A Game, Scientists Map Neurons 12.11.13 Huffington Post | Step One In Fixing The Brain: Understand How It Works 12.10.12 TED Blog | Play with the Brain 12.10.12 TED | Sebastian Seung: I Am My Connectome

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