Eyewire Cup FAQ

The Eyewire Cup is the first of its kind on Eyewire, and because of that we’ve had a few questions about how various facets of the competition will work.  Please refer to this FAQ for all your Eyewire Cup questions!

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What is the Starting Lineup?

The Starting Lineup is made up of the top players on your team.  Who is on the Starting Lineup will change during the competition, as some players earn more points and surpass others on their team.  The weights and bonuses given to the Starting Lineup players will be determined by who is on the Starting Lineup at the end of the match.

Because every round has fewer teams to choose from than the previous round we expect the team size to grow as the rounds advance.  Because of this, we’ve also changed the size of the Starting Lineup for each round.

In the Quarterfinals the Starting Lineup has 3 players, in the Semifinals the Starting Lineup has 5 players, and in the Finals the Starting Lineup has 10 players.

What is an MVP?

The MVP the is player who scored the most points during a match.  There is 1 MVP per MATCH not per team.  The MVP can be on the winning or losing team, they just need to be the highest points scorer during their match.

What does weight mean during the Eyewire Cup?

During the Eyewire Cup we are giving everyone on the Starting Lineup a weight of 2x the rest of their team.  This means that every point scored by someone in the Starting Lineup counts for twice as much as the points scored by someone who is not in the Starting Lineup.  So if you earn 400 points as a Starting Lineup member, it will count as 800 points towards your team score.

This Eyewire Cup “weight” is not related to your cube weight or to enfranchisement.  It only has to do with the amount of points earned for your team in the Cup.

Your team weight is completely separate from the bonuses earned during the Cup.  The bonuses you collect, whether as a Starting Lineup player or other team member, are calculated based on your raw score.

How do bonus multipliers work?

The Eyewire Cup is a team competition, but it is also a great way to earn lots of personal bonuses!  For every point you earn we will attach a multiplier to it.

All score multipliers stated indicate your TOTAL points earned and not your BONUS points earned.  So, if you earn 200 points, and we attach a 1.5x multiplier, your total score will be 300 points (not 500 points).

Remember that no matter where you rank on your team, earning more points is guaranteed to give you more bonus points!

How do I figure out where I stand in the ranks, and how do I know how many points my team is earning?

The Leaderboard is available in your notifications.  It will be pinned to the top of your notifications.

You can see the total points each team has earned in the Leaderboard overview.  If you click on any match, you will be taken to a page that has the breakdown of everyone on each team, and how many points they have earned for their team.

The Leaderboard displays the raw scores for all players.  The team score includes weighted points.  So, if player #1 on the team has earned 400 points, it will show 400 points next to their name, but 800 points for the team score.

How do I choose a team?

You will choose a team via the Leaderboard in your notifications.  Before the match starts you may change your team selection as many times as you like.  Once the match begins, you cannot change your team.  If you choose a team after the round has begun, you will not be able to change your team.

If your team WINS you will stay on the same team in the next round.  You do not have to do anything to sign up again.

If your team LOSES you can select whichever team you like in the next round.  Make sure you don’t forget to choose a new team, or else your points will not count towards the Cup.

Does my flag matter?

Your flag indicates your team during the qualifiers, but in subsequent rounds it will NOT indicate your team.  You MUST sign up via the Leaderboard notifications to participate in all rounds from the Quarterfinals onward.  But if you’d like to keep your profile flag the same as your team flag during the Cup, we definitely encourage the team spirit!