EyeWire at TEDxNijmegen | April 8, 2013

EyeWire makes its debut on the TEDx stage!

TEDxNijemegenWe’re thrilled to be a part of TEDxNijmegen, a 950 person TEDx event in the Netherlands taking place Monday, April 8th. EyeWire’s Amy Robinson speaks at 1:30 PM CET (GMT+1). The event will stream live to 15 cities throughout Europe and the US. You can watch it live from the tedxnijmegen.nl homepage on Monday.

What is TEDxNijmegen?

Life is getting faster and faster, longer and longer. That brings new challenges, for that we need great ideas. “Accelerating from age 0 to 110 in 25 steps” is the theme. To spread, to share and to execute on. Sharing their life events will be done by a great array of speakers from artists, musicians and doctors to a 95 year old physics professor (still going strong), a journalist, a serial entrepreneur and youngsters.

TEDx = independently organized Ideas Worth Spreading event.

We caught up with TEDxNijmegen organizer Lucien Engelen (his son plays EyeWire!) at TEDActive 2013. Check it out below.

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