Eyewire art competition!


mural, brain art, neuroscience
Mural concept for the city of Cambridge, MA, by Daniela Gamba

Do you love art? Are you excited about our newest art history themed competition Night at the Eyewire Museum? Now you can get even more artsy by participating in this month’s special extra competition: The Eyewire Brain Art Contest!

  • Send your Eyewire art to support@eyewire.org
  • You may enter up to 3 art pieces
  • Deadline: 4/26 @10 AM US ET
  • Winner announced 5/3 @ 4 PM ET

After the Night at the Eyewire Museum closing ceremony on 4/26 @ 4 PM ET, we’ll post up a gallery of submissions. Anyone who earned a participation badge in the competition will be eligible to vote on their favorite over the following week. The winner will be announced on Friday, May 3 at 4 pm, immediately following the naming of the Marathon neuron.

eyewire, bob ross, neurons, neuroscience, citizen science, daniela gamba
First place wins a one-of-a-kind pencil pouch loaded with art goodies!


First place wins a special neuro-inspired pencil pouch filled with art supplies and a customized neuro art piece created by Eyewire’s Illustrator Daniela Gamba, featuring an optional hero of their choice! The top 3 winners will receive personalized thank you cards from Eyewire.

We look forward to seeing all your Eyewire art! All art mediums are welcome, and you are free to take images from eyewire.org or museum@eyewire.org. At museum.eyewire.org you can also download 3D meshes of cells. You’ll need a 3D program to open these meshes if you choose to use them. Blender is a free choice for working with 3D!

It’s time to get creative! What neurotastic art will you make? Check out the gallery below or head to this page for inspiration!