Dino Duel Winners

awesome velociraptor

The EyeWire paleontologists have released an article describing the results of the Prehistoric Dino Duel.

The pack of Velociraptors with their stabby, stabby claws have overcome the huge size of the T-Rex and survived their deadly dino breath. With a whopping 56,000 point lead, the T-Rexs were out traced by a long shot.

With bonuses of prehistoric size, the velociraptors enjoyed a feast of points after their victory. 64 players participated and 34 people scored over 5,000 points. @Nseraf led team Raptor to victory with 100K points — pre bonus. @galarun dominated for team Rex with nearly 80K pre-bonus points. Check out archived leaderboard images here.

Check out your profile for in-depth stats. Be warned: at 6:30 EST your challenge tab will refresh and stats will disappear. Sign up for the next intergalactic competition starting at 7 pm tonight. The race begins on June 3 at noon. And as always, trace on EyeWire!


Dino Race Leaderboard, eyewire

Dino Race Leaderboard, eyewire

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