Dig Sector 1 is complete!


The very first Dig Sector is complete as of 4/16/2016!  In this Sector we uncovered 132 cells.  The cells we found in Sector 1 were extremely varied, from single-branched rod bipolar cells to cells with over 3000 cubes!

Now it’s time to start classifying these puppies.  Once we have them sorted out, we will post them up in our Eyewire Museum, so keep an eye out!

Check out our “Dig Sector 1” Facebook album to get up close and personal will all the cells discovered in the first Sector.

Sector 1 Marathon Cell “Ziggy Stardust” had 3266 cubes!

Also, to celebrate our achievement, HQ is hosting a 132-minute Happy Hour on 4/17 @ 2:00 PM EDT! Usual Happy Hour bonuses will apply.

Now upward and onward to Sector 2!  Let’s see what new microscopic worlds lie ahead.  Join us at eyewire.org to find out!

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