Cool Aunt vs Fun Uncle: Relative Battle

There’s something great about being an aunt or uncle. It’s all the fun of having a kid, without any of the responsibility! Yessss. Take your nieces and nephews out for the day and feel like a kid again! Go to the zoo. Play dress-up. Finally get the audience you’ve always dreamed of for your all-fart-joke stand-up routine.

And being a niece or nephew is just as great. Get away with things your parents would never let you do! Get the dirt on your mom or dad and weaponize it later in the heat of an argument! Be the recipient of lots of awesome presents!

cool aunt, fun uncle

So whether you are the cool aunt, fun uncle, or you have fond memories of spending quality time with one, it’s time to make your choice! Pick your favorite team and let the competition begin!

Cool Aunt vs Fun Uncle begins at 11am EST on Thurs 11/15 and runs for 24 hours.

Art by Zoe Gillette