Breaking News! Winter Hunt Cell Revived!

News Update from the Darkest Depths of Grim’s Dungeon!

After several grueling days of battling the darkest evils in the Winter Hunt Cell, GrimReaper reports that the Winter Hunt Cell has once again been bent to his will.  Emerging victorious and covered in dendrites, His Eminent Darkness requests that the Hunt be allowed some rest before Eyewirers may go hunting for mergers.

The Hunt will go live again this weekend on Saturday, 2/22 at 12:01AM EST and run thru Sunday, 2/23 at 11:59PM EST. Rules for the Hunt can be found here.

Grim also expresses his pleasure in tracking down the tracer responsible for the disappearance of the Hunt Cell. This tracer is now languishing in an isolated cell in the far reaches of Grim’s dungeons.

The Eyewire HQ and public wish to express their relief and joy at hearing of the Winter Hunt Cell revival.


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