Breakfast for Dinner vs. Dinner for Breakfast

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This might be the ultimate personality test. It’s less about what’s your favorite meal of the day, and more about your overall breakfast philosophy. Are you the sort of person who loves “breakfast food” so much that you’ll even eat it in the evening? Or are you the sort of person who considers the morning meal a time to heat up leftovers from the night before? Choose wisely, Eyewirers. The competition starts at 11 AM EST on 1/13 and goes for 48 hours!

Your teams:

Breakfast for Dinner

  • At least in the US, this choice means you could happily live on a diet of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, and orange juice!
  • You probably like to skew expectations and shirk easy labels. Why should any particular food belong to the morning?
  • You’re probably a brunch person, too. Embrace the mimosas, avocado Benedict, and loaded French toast.

Dinner for Breakfast

  • Some people might have a special breakfast routine, but you? Your idea of a proper morning meal is reheated pizza, spaghetti, or lo mein.
  • Certain foods taste better after they’ve had time to sit in their seasonings! And why wouldn’t you want to savor it when you wake up?
  • For you, breakfast might still be the most important meal of the day, but the specific nutrients don’t really matter.

Note that as per our explanation of Eyewire’s competitions in 2020, this VS face-off is running twice as long as they used to, from Monday to Wednesday, and there’s a new bonus system detailed in your team signup notification. Let the points rain! For science!

Artwork by Megan Kelly