Biology vs Computer Science – Field Battle!

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Eyewire is the perfect marriage of Biology and Computer Science. The process begins in biology, where we take chunks of brain and image them. We then digitize the images and use AI to begin the reconstruction process.

We then continue in the CompSci vein by gamifying the data and handing it over to human players via the Eyewire website. After the neurons are reconstructed in 3D it’s back over to biology again, as neuroscientists analyze the structures and connections they find using the neuron models.

To make Eyewire happen we need both people who are great at computer science, and others with a strong handle on biology. If you had to pick one, which would you choose?

We’ll find out which field comes out on top this Thursday, 11/29 at 11 AM ET. We’ll see you there!

Artwork by Minjeong Kim