Beta Launch: EyeWire in Korean

Korean EyeWire 아이와이어 with Scythe Vision

Welcome to KWire: Today EyeWire (아이와이어) beta launches in Korean!

Thanks to our new partners in Seoul at KT, we’re embarking on an exciting journey to bring a full EyeWire experience to non-English speakers.

If you don’t speak Korean, nothing will change.

If you do speak Korean, then welcome to a whole new EyeWire! Korean EyeWirers now have their own chat room, a Korean tutorial, Korean Starburst Challenge and even a few starter translated blog posts. Initially there may be few numbers of players in the Korean chat room. You can easily switch from Korean to English by typing /channel join English.

Chat commands:

Switch between English and Korean with /channel join English or /channel join Korean

Use command /channel to see available channels and how to use channel command

How does it work?

EyeWire simply detects your browser’s language preference and displays either Korean or English. This is the first step in an official launch of Korean EyeWire, which will take place in Sept.

Korean is the first of many languages. Eventually, we will launch an EyeWire Translation Project, allowing the community to translate EyeWire into any language.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 8.19.37 PMWant to check it out? Temporarily see Korean EyeWire (it’s gorgeous) by visiting the Settings tab in your profile and choosing Korean as your language!

Thanks for playing and we’ll see you online at

Korean EyeWire 아이와이어


Korean EyeWire
Korean EyeWire 아이와이어

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