Announcing Mentor Mode!

Eyewire is pleased to announce Mentor Mode!


Mentor status allows you to assist another player who is looking for help or has a question about something fishy in their cube.

To use Mentor mode you will first need to be promoted.  To request Mentor Mode ask an Admin in chat or email into  Right now Scouts, Scythes and Mods are eligible for Mentor Mode.  You must be in a promoted position for at least a month before you are eligible for Mentor status.  Once an Admin promotes you your chat color will change to light purple.

Once you are promoted you can start assisting players who request help.  To use your status follow these steps.

  1. Ask a player who is seeking help if they would like you to mentor them.  Please ask them in the main chat rather than a private message.  Explain that mentoring means you will enter their cube and watch them trace.  Explain that you will be able to take control of their cube while inside it.  You may also refer them to this post or to the Watch Mode blog post for a more detailed explanation.
  2. If the player agrees you may enter their cube.  Type /watch USERNAME to start Mentoring.
  3. You will now be transported into the cube the player is in.  If they switch cubes, you will follow them to the new one.
  4. Both you and the player being mentored now have equal control over what happens in the cube.  If you scroll/add something/switch planes they will see it.  If they scroll/add something/switch planes you will see it.  See the Watch Mode blog post for segment color meanings while in Watch Mode.
  5. Help the player in the cube with any questions they have.  Try to let the player lead.  If they want to do most of the work themselves, let them.  If they want to watch how you would do it you can show them how.  Once you have finished helping them, or if they request that you leave their cube, exit the cube by typing /unwatch USERNAME.

Mentor status will only be granted to players who are established and trusted within the community.

With great power comes great responsibility.  Mentor mode is a great resource that allows you to give a lot of help to our newest players.  However, accepting Mentor status means you will have to agree to all the rules that come with this ability.  If you cannot abide by the rules your Mentor status will be revoked.

You can use Mentor Mode:

  1. To help a new player who is confused about how to correctly trace a branch, or who would like some help learning how to become more accurate.
  2. To assist a fellow Scout or Scythe on tricky mergers, extensions, or cubes with misalignments.

Rules to remember:

  1. You may only begin watching another player if you are given EXPRESS permission by said player.  Other players with Mentor status (this includes all admins) see a chat line saying when you have begun watching another player.  The player being watched also sees this chat line, regardless of status.  This is the most important rule and abuse of it will result in an immediate and possibly permanent revoke of your Mentor status.
  2. Plagarism will not be tolerated!  You may not use Mentor mode to game points by copying someone else’s trace.
  3. You may not use Mentor Mode to cheat in competitions.  This includes things like: using Mentor mode to help your teammates during a “vs.” competition, or using it to help someone increase their accuracy in Evil Cube challenges.
  4. If you see someone abusing Mentor Mode please report it.  We want to make sure Eyewire is safe and fair for everyone.  If you are a Mentor it is especially important that you make sure your fellow Mentors are using this status correctly.

If you have any questions about the correct use of Mentor Mode please email us at

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