Amacrine Adventures: Search for the Golden Soma

Another morning on the S.S. Amacrina. Ye surface onto the deck only to be blown back a couple shaky steps as the salt air assaults ye from the port and then boomerangs around to smack at yer starboard side. It’s been a fortnight or two (maybe four?) since ye set sail; ye can’t best remember as the days have all begun to swirl together like the ropes of a novice privateer.

It’s been an exciting adventure indeed! A cunning captain has steered ye towards some small bounties with various loots and treasures that have been very interestin’ upon the eye.

But even so, ye can’t help to wonder, could there be any more out there? The days and nights stuck alongside yer crew have made ye a bit homesick for ye family and friends, and the cabin fever has started to take ahold. Ye wish ye had a magical box or crystal ball that would let you look upon the ones ye love once more and perhaps even give them a well wish or two! But alas that is the stuff of childish fantasy, so ye must stick to writing letters and hope they get where they need to go.

“Is it all worth it?” ye begin to lament. Aye the grog flows freely and the singin’ is quite raucous, but where’s that massive bounty the ole’ captain is always crowin’ about. The Golden Soma it’s called, the prized possession of the famous Captain Grim, and not seen for centuries! Is it even real, or just another twisted whisper of the roguish sea?

Just as yer contemplatin’ abandoning ye fellow hearties at the next village and settin’ sail on the first ship headed home, ye make out somethin’ strange in the distance. The sun winks off its side. Is this the sign ye been waitin’ on?

There’s no time to lose! Ye lower down a jollyboat and row quickly from the ship. It seems to bob just out of reach, but after a few tries, ye clasp a hand upon it and rip it from the grasp of the briny sea. A strangely colored glass with a cork stopper. And something inside!

Back on the ship ye show the captain the spoils of yer victory. As the cork pops open, something is revealed! Could it be? It is! A map!

amacrine adventures, map, pirate treasure, science

Or at least a portion of one…

And a note:

“A journey begins in the Somatic Sea, where only the bold would dare to be. For the lucky few who find this map, an adventure awaits, so don’t look back! If you want what you desire most, turn your sights towards the BP Trading Post!”

Ah ye see it with a clear eye now. Whichever scallywag sent this message liked to dabble in a bit o’ mischief. This journey will surely not be simple, but it will be an adventure indeed!

So far we’ve uncovered 14 Loot and 6 Treasure cells! Quite the bounty, but there’s even more to be had around these parts! Once we find all the cells in the north-west corner of our treasure map, we can venture onward to the next corner, where our adventure continues! We’ll see you there!